Enhance your exterior with Outdoor Lights!

It is the time when you’ll feel like having a cup of tea in the fresh year and your young ones would want to play out in the lawn as the weather is getting warmer. It’s the perfect time for you to pick up your outdoor furniture and figure out the outdoor lighting setup. Outdoor lighting increases the curb appeal and also the safety of your loved ones.

Types of outdoor lights

You’ll find a variety of outdoor lights like security lights that serve as a security camera as well to alert you when needed, lanterns, floodlights, floor lights and more discussed below for enhancing the beauty of your garden or front door.

  • Wall lights:

The wall lights magnify not only your front door but the side porches, entrances, your shed or the pool house. You can find wall lights in many finishes, types, and style. It not only provides you with an adorn touch but also act as a camera for you to help you avoid the unwanted guests.

  • Hanging lights:

Hanging pendant lights is a very elegant touch in your exterior. These types of outdoor lights bring in a warm and make the environment invigorating. You’ll find enormous designs with the use of antique brass finishing. An addition of a drop light would make your gallery a simple and gorgeous one.

  • Ceiling lights:

The wall lights may not be able to lighten up the inside of your porch. This outdoor ceiling lights are generally smaller in size yet are perfect for your entry-path, porch or patio. They provide you with the exact amount of light needed in a particular area.

  • Landscape lights:

Lights can create shadows on the fences or walls that will add the dramatic feel and depth to your landscape. Landscape lights are used to enhance your exterior by adding effects. You’ll find many types of landscape outdoor lighting techniques like grazing, path lighting, silhouetting, down-lighting from structures, cross-lighting and many more. These are the perfect type of outdoor lights that catch attention and are worth spending money on.

  • String lights:

The lights all connected to a string are a string light. You can also call these lights as fairy lights, twinkle lights or whatever you wish to. There are many ways to use string lights like to decorate the lone standing tree in your garden, lighten up your doorstep for the party you have tonight, wrap them around any idle frame or show-piece. In general, these fairy lights can be used at any point you feel to give a cheer to or at the time of celebration.

All types of outdoor lights are available in many different materials. The most used and long-lasting material found is cast aluminum, wrought iron, and the solid brass. Cast aluminium material is the most used one found in every light making yet mainly in the making of wall lights, ceiling lights, and porch lights. Solid Brass and Wrought iron are also available in many types. Make sure you are well aware of the material before purchasing.