Tips on Buying Industrial Equipment

Sometimes it becomes necessary to set up manufacturing and processing in your own facility instead of partnering with another manufacturer. The question, then, is how to make the right purchase—heavy manufacturing equipment is a major investment. While the buying process depends on your business, products, market and other specific cases, there are a few tips always worth keeping in mind.

Identify Your Needs

The specific kind of cutting machine, fluidizer or 3D printer you need should match the type of product and scale of production you’re aiming for. Buying a high-power laser cutter when a waterjet will do the trick means you’re spending far more than you need to. It’s possible, even, that used machinery works just as well, saving you some more capital. Turning to an external consultant helps in assessing this kind of situation by providing another perspective.

Consider Training Requirements

Installing a new production machine in-house means needing in-house technicians to operate it. This, in turn, means constructing training plans for operation and maintenance. How much will training workers cost you on top of the installation itself? How will this transition period impact your business’s operation? Be prepared for a temporary dip in productivity rather than an instant boost, and budget accordingly.

Shop Around For Suppliers

Do your research on the kind of machine you’re seeking and who can provide it to you. Along with browsing the Internet, it can help to check out industry insider resources for information—trade shows, newsletters, industry associations, etc. Ask around and take note of what suppliers and brands people are talking about. If you find a supplier that seems right, contact them for more information before buying and look up past clients’ testimonies and reviews to gauge their reputation. Price alone shouldn’t be your guiding principle on whom to buy from; make sure that the equipment is in good condition and has a solid warranty, especially when buying used.