Vacuum lifters: this is what they are and what they are for

Vacuum lifters allow workers and workers to manage an ergonomic working environment. This is because, by working safely, they can avoid the damage caused by lifting and moving heavy loads. For this reason, there are many vacuum lifters on the market with a crane system that works using aluminum components. This trend makes it particularly gentle and guarantees ergonomic work with the vacuum lifter. So what you need is to go into the matter, trying to understand the requirements that a vacuum lifter must have in order to make a choice that is much more than aware


A company that therefore has to carry out a job that needs vacuum lifters should opt for models and brands that comply with the European machinery directive. Each lifting device must be checked, so that it is reliable and functioning properly. There should also be the presence (certifying the integrity of the same) of the CE mark and supplied with an EC declaration of conformity, EC declaration of incorporation and technical documentation. The vacuum lifters in the application are easily manageable and easily manoeuvrable. By now the supplier companies are all oriented towards applications for vacuum technology. A vacuum must have a portable lifting equipment for worker security.


In many sectors, vacuum lifters used by businesses allow efficient use and flow of material. Since it is necessary to accompany the movements and all the manufacturing processes, these products must have the highest requirements, making the handling of loads faster, safer and protecting the operators and the material. In general, a vacuum lifter is well suited for both horizontal transport and for tilting or turning over slab-shaped work pieces. They are tools made by focusing on the delicacy of the material, and on requirements such as efficiency, ergonomics and maximum practicality. There are models on the market that also allow the use of the main switch of manually operated vacuum lifters, in order to make the work environment safer. By now all these work tools are being folded using the maximum of technology. They are advanced, ideal, to face any type of work. In the face of what, in fact, automation automation and highly technological systems, allow workers to manage the transport load with greater speed at full safety. This is an ideal vacuum slab filter.