Which dogs shouldn’t go to daycare?

Daycare is not right for every dog. Some dogs are likely to benefit most from attending the facility than other dogs. Thus, just because dogs are social species doesn’t automatically make them perfect candidates for daycare. Here are some of the type of dogs that shouldn’t attend daycare.

Adult dogs that require socialization

Daycare is appropriate for pets that like to be social but not ideal for socializing adult dogs that were not adequately socialized as puppies. Such pets are also likely to have some social issues such as aggression and fear of other dogs, Dogs that are past the age of puppy socialization are likely to find daycare a very unpleasant experience especially when it comes to interacting with other dogs. Even with a perfectly aligned set of playmates and highly trained staff, a fearful dog is likely to become reactive-aggressive when forced into proximity with other dogs.

Often dog owners view daycare as suitable behavior management or modification plan for a dog who is intimidated by others. Pets that are afraid of humans are also not suitable for a daycare facility. Such under-socialized dogs may seem more comfortable in the presence of a pack of dogs but can be difficult for daycare staff to handle. There is also a likelihood that the dog will escape or get injured. With an escapee who is afraid of humans, the situation might get worse when he is cornered or restrained by staff. He is likely to bite in defense, perhaps with alarming fierceness. Hence, booking an under-socialized dog in a daycare facility is rarely the solution. Instead, the answer lies in controlled exposure and other forms of behavior modification strategies.

Offensive aggressive dogs

A dog bully who is offensively aggressive toward others is not an appropriate candidate for Healthy Hound Playground Sterling VA. Knocking, pinning and rolling over others all the time may be a sign that a dog is offensive aggressive. While crazy antics are part of the off-leash play, repeatedly pinning dogs on the ground, consistently ramming other dogs and forcefully slamming other dogs onto the ground is being a bully. It may look like fun, but pets should not be allowed to practice such kind of bad behavior. Daycare will not teach him how to interact with others in a fun way. It is more likely that it will provide an opportunity to practice his aggressive and inappropriate behavior. Therefore, it is likely to do the exact opposite and reinforce bad behavior. Good play should be wiggly and fun for all dogs interacting.

Those with separation anxiety

Dogs with extreme separation anxiety will not have fun being at a daycare facility. Sending him to the daycare will not make him happier. The owner might hope that his pet will relax on seeing other canine friends or in the company of trained staff. However, a pet that is distressed or has anxiety continuum is a horrible candidate for daycare. Less severe manifestation may be heightened up by the daycare environment.

It is essential that you evaluate your dog’s personality before sending him to a daycare facility. If he has the potential to do well in a boarding facility, play well with others and doesn’t experience separation anxiety, then daycare may be a good choice.