5 Types of Air Conditioning Units & How to Choose One  

It can be stressful to select the right air conditioning system for your home. With all the various options available in the market, choosing the right AC can be overwhelming. If you need to have a new air conditioner, you have to know what to look for when identifying an HVAC system that fits your needs. To help you with the selection process, we are going to look at five types of air conditioning units.

Central Air Conditioning
The most common type of cooling system used in larger homes is the central air conditioner. Central air conditioners use supply and return ducts to circulate air around the home. Supply registers and pipes that are in the floor or walls carry cool air into the house. The same ducts and registers also circulate the warm air to the air conditioner.

Window Air conditioner
This is a compact unit that is installed on a window to cool a particular room. These units are best used in small spaces. It is not a good option for larger rooms because it is not efficient in cooling these kinds of spaces.

Ductless, Mini-Split Air Conditioner
This type of air conditioner has an outdoor compressor/condenser together with an indoor handling unit. This system is ideal for cooling individual house rooms. Most ductless, mini-split air conditioners can have four indoor handling units that are connected to one outdoor unit. You can use a thermostat in each room to adjust the temperature.

Portable air conditioner
These are considered to be upgrades of window air conditioning units. Just like a window unit, the portable units are designed to cool one room. They are affordable and easy to install.

Hybrid Air Conditioners
This wall mounted air conditioning units use either fossil fuels or electricity to run. The system is intelligent enough to choose between the two energy sources by identifying the most efficient option.

Having seen the five types of wall mounted air conditioning units, how can you decide on the one to purchase for your room?

How to choose the Right Kind of Air Conditioner
Measure the size of the room
Using a tape measure, record the width and length of the room that needs cooling. Since different wall mounted air conditioning units have different cooling capacities, you will need these measurements to decide on the correct cooling capacity.

Look for an AC unit that has the recommended MTU rating
The British Thermal Units (BTU) is the standard unit of measuring the cooling capacities of all A/C’s. When you look at the BTU, you will know the size of the room that it can cool well. If the unit has a high BTU, then it can cool a larger room.

To save money, go for a window air conditioner
Window air conditioning units have BTU levels that range from 5,000 to 12,500 BTU’s. These units are capable of cooling rooms that measure 100-650 square feet. Smaller window units costs between $150 and @250. Larger window units cost approximately $600.

To cool several rooms, use a split ductless unit
You can cool several rooms using a single unit ductless air conditioner. They are more expensive than portable units. Since they are tough to install, use the services of a professional.

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