Custom Screen Printed T-shirts – Best way to Market your Brand

Custom screen printed t-shirts are a great way to give your business some extra exposure and the best part is that it won’t even have to cost you a lot.

Unique marketing

If you are struggling for business and you have tried every gimmick in the book right from mascots to free samples and even clowns you might be looking for a new way to increase exposure. That is where custom screen-printed thirsts can help.

Free Advertising tactic via Printed T-shirts

If you think about it, those who wear your custom screen-printed t-shirts are walking billboards. Wherever they go and whoever sees them will see your business name on them and this will create exposure. You could get a much further reach than with any other form of advertising and if you make sure that the custom screen printed t-shirts are interesting, you will draw attention which will generate interest in your business and which will ultimately convert into sales.

When you compare the reach of these t-shirts to printed adverts or brochures, the biggest advantage is that it last longer. Many people do not even bother reading the brochures they receive and printed adverts will only last for as long as the newspaper is in circulation (in some cases, only a day!).

Give T-shirts as Free goodies

However, custom screen printed shirts will last as long as the t-shirts last and having a bunch of these shirts printed and handed out not only to employees but also to customers will create lots of hype. You could hand these out at shows or parades or make a special offer saying if a customer purchases product x he or she will receive a free t-shirt.

Use them as Uniform

Alternatively, custom screen printed t-shirts could be a uniform for your employees or you can make the shirt interesting and give it to your employees as casual wear. It’s advised that you include your business’ website on the t-shirts in a visible place so that whoever sees the shirt will immediately come to your website to learn more about what it is that you do.

Give motivations

Doing something, this small for your employees is also something that could raise morale. People want to feel important and taking the time to find out each employee’s size and making sure their shirts fit will make them feel like you care which will result in them wanting to work harder and perform better.

T-shirts for loyal customers

You could even sell custom screen-printed t-shirts to your customers but this is a bit tricky since you will have to make sure you have a good design that people would want to wear but it will still have to promote your business. If you are from Vancouver, Canada, check screen printing Vancouver services. I highly recommend them, they are best in custom T-shirts printing and branding products.

Match Color theme of your business

If your business has a signature color then use this as the base color for your custom screen-printed t-shirts. This will not only make your shirts stand out but it will also help people associate your brand with that specific color.

Custom screen printed t-shirts are a great way to advertise your business, boost morale of employees and generate free advertising and the best part is that it’s actually not as expensive as many people think, it certainly is more affordable than taking out an once off advert in a newspaper.